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When IBO Products looked at unique products we could bring to the market place we searched for items that you could use and share that are not readily available in the market today. We did not want to limit ourselves to a specific category of products but we did want to bring high end quality for our customers, no matter what we sold.  Our initial focus is on Good Health and proper nutrition.  IBO Products has the good fortune to work with one of the major nutritional supplement formulators and manufacturing companies in the market today.  The formulas that are utilized by IBO Products are not available to or thru any other Direct Sales or MLM company. 

Another unique factor about our nutritional supplement line is that we offer our line of products exclusively in a capsule delivery format.  The medical and scientific community tells us this is the best delivery system to increase the bio-availability of the ingredients contained in any product.  IBO Products offers our two flagship products – “IBO Body Burner” and “IBO Body Relief,” along with five other key nutritional support items. Look at all of these items and once you are on board you will be a part of a wellness revolution.  Dr. Dick Wiseman, with more than 40 years with his own successful medical practice has joined the IBO team to help educate us on proper choices for nutrition and good health. 

There are many different health issues we create for ourselves over the course of a lifetime.  One thing we can all do is help correct those issues by consistently using high quality, professional grade nutritional supplements.

IBO Body Burner is a great product to help our bodies burn excess stored fat, reduce sugar cravings and help stabilize our hunger demands and is indispensable if you are fighting “The Battle of the Bulge”.  The time tested proprietary formula contained within IBO Body Burner provides all of these things.  IBO Products continues to work with the medical and scientific community to improve this already great product in order to always be on the forefront of consumer needs and market demands.

Our second product, “IBO Body Relief”, is another natural supplement that has tremendous market appeal.  Many different body aches and pains join us as part of our active daily lives not to mention the relentless aging process we all face.  IBO Body Relief contains key ingredients designed to help reduce inflammation and to help lubricate joints in the body, thus aiding in the reduction of pain and discomfort.

                                    GREEN FUEL TABS
The second category we are bringing to you is our “Green” division.  We have one of the greatest products ever developed to help save the environment, save you money and increase your vehicles performance. Green Fuel Tabs, the recognized leader in the fuel additive business brings its 15 years of success to you here at IBO Products.  With savings of up to 20% on fuel usage and by reducing your vehicles emissions and carbon footprint by as much as 50%, Green Fuel Tabs is a great item for your use and sharing with others.  EPA registered and insured for your protection, you will find this a great product for your use.   IBO Products will also be introducing several line extensions in the future that will complement our  initial offerings.

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